Thoughtful Thursday – More Service

Here are a few more quotes about service…although they’re a little more “lighthearted”:


“Service is like wetting your pants; everyone can see what you’ve done, but only you can feel the warmth.”


Top Ten Failed Slogans for our Volunteer Program

  1. You said that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Well, it’s starting to get tough, so we’re going.
  2. Volunteers are good……for nothing! (& AmeriCorps Volunteers are good for practically nothing!)
  3. Community service….. It’s not just for hardened criminals on parole, anymore.
  4. Volunteer!…..What else are you going to do with a liberal arts degree?
  5. Volunteerism…..the other white meat. (Submitted by the Council for the Radical Advancement of Pork).
  6. The Golden Rule Still Applies, Unless You’re A Sado-Masochist
  7. Project SERV volunteers do it for free.
  8. Volunteer, cause you’d like your resume to be at least of a page.
  9. Altruism is not a disease.
  10. Please help us by submitting your slogan proposal. The winner gets a free cup of coffee.
    Submitted by Brandon Rogers, Director, Project SERV, KS from local newsletter

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