5 Things

Wow, I haven’t made a to-do list for the week in so long…mostly because I haven’t had any motivation for so long!  Pathetic, really.


Anyway, I’m still not feeling the least bit of motivation, so I’m gonna make it an easy week.  Hopefully I’ll get back into the groove of things, especially when summer comes and I’m not working anymore!


  1. Take the kids to the last night of U-FIT. :-(  I’m so sad it’s ending!
  2. Get the thank-you gift baskets finished for the U-FIT volunteers.
  3. Vacuum the stairs (see what I mean about easy?  Shouldn’t I be doing this EVERY week?)
  4. Make a menu plan for the rest of April (now this is a hard one, lately anyway.  I’ve been planning to make a menu plan for the last 2 months and it still hasn’t happened, ha ha!)
  5. Walk to work every day.


Okie dokie, I’d better get off the computer and start doing stuff!  :-)  Have a great week.

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