Livin’ In Provo Utah

Twelve years ago, I received a forwarded email with the following song attached.  I thought it was hilarious then, and frankly, I still do.  If you live in Provo, UT, or know anyone who does, you may appreciate it!


Parody of Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ la Vida Loca” (Child/Rosa)
Lyrics by M. Spaff Sumsion



She’s got a grand ambition:
She wants to be a wife
Her boyfriend’s on a mission
Serving two years to life

She thinks that kissing’s reckless
She swears she’s staying good
She wears that special necklace
To prove her virginhood

She’ll make you cut your hair short
And go bowling on your date
She’ll make you shop at Food 4 Less
And walk to Movies 8
She says her ward is great!

Rise and shout and swear
Livin’ in Provo, Utah
Sweet Geneva air
Livin’ in Provo, Utah
It’s like Sesame Street
But gosh I miss Mister Hoo-pa
Babies everywhere
They’re livin’ in Provo, Utah
Livin’ in Provo, Utah
Livin’ in Provo, Utah!

She finds this place a thrill-ride
Moved here from ‘Merican Fark
The big “Y” on the hillside
Really needs a question mark

She’ll make you shave your beard off
And wear shorts that reach your knees
And when she rubs your thigh
It isn’t meant to be a tease
She’s just checking for your G’s!

Dance till ten at night
Livin’ in Provo, Utah
Please be blue or white
Livin’ in Provo, Utah
“The campus is our world”
That’s not just a bunch of hoo-hah
Choose the ultra right
We’re livin’ in Provo, Utah
Livin’ in Provo, Utah
Livin’ in Provo, Utah!

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One Response to Livin’ In Provo Utah

  1. Ha ha! That’s great! I think it’s hilarious, too.

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