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I’ve had a tough couple of weeks.  As you may know, I work part time as a Paraprofessional at my daughter’s school; my husband works full time as a Customer Service agent at a company (which will not be named – legal stuff).  I work in the mornings until 1:00, my husband goes to work at 2:00, and therefore there is always a parent at home JUST IN CASE.

Two weeks ago today, two women from the local community were killed…hit by a truck.  They both happened to be mothers of students at the school I work at.  Talk about an emotional time for the students!  It was heartbreaking coming into work.  The following Tuesday, a co-worker’s next door neighbor passed away, and a teenage girl who had been a student (K-6) at my school was killed in a car accident.  Wednesday was an even more emotional day.  Thursday was the funeral for one of the mothers, and that night, the bishop of a ward that some of our students go to died.  Friday was the funeral for the other mother and the neighbor, and that night my co-workers’ father in law died.  Saturday was filled with more funerals, and finally the last funeral was this last Wednesday.  So…there has been a high level of stress, melancholy, etc at work.  I feel so bad for so many who have lost loved ones, and have been fortunate to be in a position to help out where I could (substituting for teachers to go to funerals, breaking up terribly emotional fights, etc). 


The Thursday of the 1st funeral I also received some crummy financial news, which I’ll get more into later.  Sunday, my 5-year old son broke his arm.  4 days ago I had a relapse of some unpleasant health issues.  Argh!!!  March has not been my month.


So…on to the financial issues, and to the actual point of this blog post.  My husband has received news of a change coming to his work, which is technically supposed to be good news.  He will no longer be working until 11 pm at night, which sounds great at first…until you realize that with a “better” schedule also comes a 10% drop in pay (currently he receives 10% extra for working the night shift, but not for long).  In addition to the drop of his income, I will be experiencing a drop as I will no longer be able to work as many hours now, because my son does not attend school on Fridays, and with the husband soon to be working mornings, there will be no one home to be with him.  That will, of course, fall to me, which is fine, but it will sure make a cut in our wages.  Next school year will bring different challenges as I will need to drive both kids to separate schools (Buddy Boy is going to a charter school specifically for kids with autism), and so I will no longer be able to work in the morning at the school either.  Buudy Boy’s school is about 30 minutes freeway driving away, and I’m anticipating our car gas budget to at least double.


So…when all is said and done, my husband’s income is dropping by 10%, and mine will be dropping by at least 50%. Our expenses are also going up.



What to do, what to do?  Well, we’ll do what we always do:  we’ll adjust. 

  • I already grind my own flour for my gluten free needs; perhaps it is time I start making my own noodles from that flour as well.  I tried it once and they were great. 
  • We’re planning to expand our garden this year to provide more produce…I’ll be doing at least as much canning as I did last year.
  • We’ll cut our grocery budget – again.  More potatoes, beans, rice, and in-season produce.  Less meat, peanut butter, and out-of-season produce. 
  • I’ll start making my own homemade yogurt again.  Fell off the wagon with this one, not sure why.  Here’s some great motivation to jump back on, eh??
  • Continue making homemade cleaners, and expand it to include more personal care items as well.

Thank goodness we can claim no credit card debt.  I knew there was a good reason to stick with it!!

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2 thoughts on “When Income Drops

  • Mandi

    Oh girl, I am sorry. This March has just sucked for you! I am sure you can’t wait to move into a different month. I cannot believe all the loss in such a short time.

    And I am also sorry about the job change up– how stressful. I’ll pray that there’s a rainbow around the bend for you. :)