Got A Minute? Make a Difference.

Who here loves philanthropy?  I’m a sucker for it.

Unfortunately, it’s extremely easy to feel like unless you’re rich, famous, or have an unreal amount of time on your hands, you can’t make much of a difference.

You wanna know what’s even easier than that?  Making a difference!!!

If you haven’t heard of them before, let me introduce you to some “Click to Donate” sites.  They make donating and making a difference easier than ever before.  You can spend 5 minutes a day (or more, if you’re so inclined) garnering donations of money, food, medical care, and more.  You can choose your cause(s).  It’s one of the easiest things in the world.

Here’s how they work:  You go to a Click-To-Donate website, and you click on a specific button (usually labeled CLICK HERE).  Sponsors of these websites keep track of the clicks and they pay $$ for each click that is counted.  The amount can range from a penny to $0.25 or so, depending on the sponsor and the site.  In most cases, 100% of the money donated goes to whatever the cause is that you’re clicking on!
There are dozens of Click-To-Donate sites, but below are my favorites:

  • Click To Give – at this site, you can click once a day to help end animal cruelty, feed the poor, stop child abuse, end homelessness, impact kids cancer, and sponsor children.
  • Free Rice – Test your vocabulary knowledge.  You are given words to define, and each one that you get right gets 10 grains of rice donated to people in need.  It’s fun and worthwhile!
  • Care 2 – At Care2, you can click on a dozen or so different buttons to donate.  They have buttons for causes such as global warming, helping sea animals, helping primates, supporting breast cancer, and much more.
  • The Literacy Site – At this website, each time you click on their button the sponsors donate money for books for children in need.  As an avid fan of reading, this one is definitely close to my heart!
  • Give A Minute –  Every click registered here provides one minute of medical care for those in need.



These are just a few of the many, many that are out there.  So what are you waiting for? :-)

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