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Happy 2012!

I’m still in shock over how quickly the last year has flown by.  What did you accomplish in 2011?  More importantly, what are you GOING to accomplish in 2012?  I for one, have big plans, like always! :-)


As you know, I had some deeply personal issues/struggles that needed to be dealt with over the last couple of months.  I took a hiatus from this blog, as well as from much of my life.  Ironically, around the time I was struggling so much, the Mormon Message video I had been involved in came out.

What a beautiful message, right?  What a heartfelt, uplifting video.  For me, however, it was torture.

I felt like a complete hypocrite, especially when people praised me for my small part in the film.  What right did/do I have to play a part in something like this, to promote something like this when my very own heart was “failing me for fear”?  When my own testimony was struggling?  When I couldn’t find a grateful bone in my body?  I thought God must be disgusted with me for the hypocritical nature of it all.

Some time has passed since the video came out, and since I began facing my many demons and life situations, and I have finally found a measure of peace. I think I have found a focus for myself, my marriage, and my life again, and I hope to stay on the path I have tried to lay out.  Of course I know there are going to be detours along the way, and I hope to be able to handle those better in 2012 than I did this last year.  Life is that…life, and I’ve got to learn to roll with the punches!

One of the things I pondered over was this very blog, and I feel good about the direction I plan to take it.  I am excited to see what unfolds here.  I hope you’ll be patient with me as I unroll new ideas, learn to do things differently, and work to improve your experience.


So…I survived 2011.

And I’m scared to death for 2012…ha ha!


Happy New Year, friends.:-)

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