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  In The Soul Reader, Ward McNulty is a man torn between seeking justice or forgiveness. It is in discovering the true identity of his father’s murderer while protecting the woman that he loves that he finds both.


My Review:  Ward McNulty is, well, a soul reader.  He has the ability to look into another’s eyes and read their soul.  Gifted and burdened,  Ward sets out to try and find the man who murdered his father.  This book is the sequel to another novel, In-Sight.  Although I did not read the first book in the series, I was able to follow the story just fine.  There are enough glimpses into the past to catch you up to speed, without boring one who has read the prequel.


I really liked the story.  It is, indeed, a novel of suspense, and it kept me enthralled from the beginning to the end.  I loved the wide array of characters involved, and loved the “dark side” of the story…just enough evil without too much vulgarity.  Original and unique, fascinating and suspenseful, this is a story I really recommend.  I’m giving it 4 stars:  I really liked it!


*I received no monetary compensation for my review.  I received the book free of charge from Book Sneeze in exchange for my honest review.  The opinions are mine, and mine alone.

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