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Menu Monday

Welcome to Menu Monday!  I feed my family of four on a budget, and planning my meals at least a week in advanced based on what I already have at home is very helpful to it.  I want to share what we’re eating!!


*Oh, so I should mention:  Just because I plan the menu doesn’t always mean I stick with it.  Last week, I think I kept true to 3 out of the 7 days is it!  So…you may see some repeat plans, ha ha! :-)


Rice bar – We’ll have rice and various toppings available to go with it (cheese, tomatoes, peppers, olives, onions, ham/chicken, etc).  I guess kinda like a Hawaiin Haystacks thing.


Strawberry crepes (I’ll make them gluten free by substituting the flour for a GF one)


Taco soup, salad, bread twists for the kids


Baked potatoes with leftover taco soup


Grilled chicken, Dana’s corn salad


Chicken and Rice Enchilada Soup, fruit salad


Roasted Potatoes Dijon, some sort of roast (pork, beef), salad

5 Things Challenge 10/30

Wow.  October flew by…or is it just me?  I seriously cannot believe that Thanksgiving (American) is coming up so soon, and that Christmas is less than SIXTY FREAKING DAYS AWAY.  Whaaaa????


Yeah, the time has flown by so quickly that I didn’t even think to post a 5 Things Challenge last week.  I am ashamed…forgive me, folks.


We’ll just check out the week before:

  1. Cook 2 more freezer meals.- Honestly, I can’t remember.  I think so!
  2. Go over and re-evaluate goals for myself and family.YES
  3. Can apples from our tree. YES
  4. Re-organize bedroom. Uh, NO
  5. Research apps for the Ipad for kids with autism.  – YES


The plan for this week?  Well, lemme show ya:

  1. Make a batch of homemade GF graham crackers.
  2. Do a few small batches of freezer cooking (ideally I’ll get a good dozen or so meals in the freezer).
  3. Survive Halloween. Please don’t misunderstand.  Halloween isn’t a bad time for me, it just happens to be REALLY busy this year.  I’ll go to work, and go straight from work to the store to pick up cookies for my daughter’s class party.  I’ll have about 35 minutes of free time, during which I’ll make cookies for a friend. Then I’ll go to the class party, which I’ll have to leave early to pick up my son from his school, after which we’ll head BACK to Munchkin’s school for the after school program’s Halloween party.  That’s going until 5:00, and we’ll go straight from there to my mom’s work.  When we’re done there, I’ll take the cookies and other food over to my friends’ place (her sweet daughter is having surgery, poor thing!), and then we’ll eat our dinner and then we’ll make our “glow lanterns” and then we’ll go trick or treating.  My husband works nights so it’ll just be me and the kids this year.
  4. Go to Buddy Boy’s school to meet TEMPLE GRANDIN!! I’m so excited for this opportunity.  Meeting someone who is known for real life accomplishments is SO much better than meeting a typical celeb, in my humble opinion.  She’s coming to tour his school and speak to the parents.  (For more information about Temple Grandin, check this out.)
  5. Get started on research for my project. (I’ll tell you all about it later.:-))


Well, there you have it!  Enjoy your week, and to my American friends, have a happy and safe Halloween!

Friday’s Freebies 1 comment


Welcome to Friday’s Freebies!  So happy to have the weekend here!

I will update the freebie list every Friday, taking off offers that have expired, leaving current offers up, and adding new ones.  The new ones will be listed on top.  Enjoy!



  • GO HERE to request a seafood watch pocket guide.













  • Register HERE to receive a free copy of Living the Boomer Life for Dummies book.




  • Sur La Table is offering a free professional knife sharpening through the month of October.  Head over to a local store with two of your knives to get them sharpened for free.



  • Go HERE to request free travel guides to many different U.S. locations.



Frugal Food Friday – Freezer Chicken

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing my local grocery store’s ad, and they had boneless, skinless chicken breasts on sale for $1.49/lb!  I was happy, but then it got even better.  In small print, it said I could buy 40 lbs for $52…working out to be only $1.30 a pound!!  Well, the weekly grocery budget very quickly turned into a very small grocery list…chicken!:-)  Thank goodness we had plenty of milk and produce already at home.

Most of the chicken ended up separated into small packages and frozen, but I decided to do a little freezer cooking as well.  It didn’t take much time, and I wanted to share with you a quick, easy way to have precooked, pre-shredded chicken on hand:

First, cook a ton of chicken.  I cooked about 5 lbs in my pot, thrown in with about a cup of water, some onion powder, and a little salt and pepper to taste.  You could throw in some garlic as well, whatever floats your boat!  I didn’t season it heavily, as the chicken will be used for different purposes in the future.


Once cooked, cut off any parts you don’t want (pieces of fat, etc) and cut the chicken into big chunks.  Throw it in batches into your food processor.

Look how beautifully the processor chops it up!  I usually just pulse it, so I don’t end up with completely mashed chicken.

Throw it in freezer bags, and you’ve got pre-cooked, pre-shredded chicken to throw into soups, casseroles, on salads, in tacos, or whatever.

Or you can throw it in some freezer bags with cooked rice and frozen corn so you can have some chicken and rice soup whenever your heart desires.  (To make the soup, simply dump the contents of the bag in a saucepan with chicken broth and season to your taste.)


Thoughtful Thursday

“Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure.”



“Sometimes the hardest thing to give is IN!”


“Why do you do what you do when you know what you know?”




“The great test of life is obedience to God.  The great task of life is to learn the will of the Lord and then do it.  The great commandment of life is to love the Lord.”

-Ezra Taft Benson



Glitter Toes Party Kit 65% off Plus FREE Shipping!


This deal sounds SO much fun…I may have to get it for my daughter for her birthday party…


Be the popular hostess with a Glitter Toes Party!
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Product Details:
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Pedi/Mani brush, file, base & more
Bonus: 1 bottle of bonding, 1 bottle of sealing
No UV light required
Patent Pending

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72-Hour Kits – Matches…Waterproof Matches

Welcome to another edition of our “72-Hour Kit” Series.  Each week I will share ideas for items to add to your emergency/72-hour kit(s).  The hope is that by taking small steps every week, we will become better prepared without spending a fortune.


This week we are focusing on matches…waterproof matches, that is.  Now we all know that waterproof matches are more expensive than the regular ones, but it’s not tough at all to make your regular matches waterproof!

  • The easiest method is probably using turpentine. Turpentine is NOT my preferred way, although it is the simplest.  The only reasons I don’t like it are because I don’t typically have it on hand, and because it can be an irritant to eyes, skin, etc. However, if you happen to have it on hand, you may want to try it out!  It involves simply dipping your matches into the turpentine for awhile, and then letting them dry.  Head on over HERE for complete instructions!


  • Another method (not as quick, but just as simple and my preferred method) is to dip your match heads into melted wax.  Coat them completely and allow them to dry.  I just light a plain candle and use the melted wax from that.  Boom, done!  Some don’t like this method because there is a risk of getting burned by the hot melted wax.  *If you’d like, you can dip the entire match into the wax, which will prevent moisture from migrating up the stick in the future.
(Photo credit)


  • You can also dip your match heads into clear nail polish.  This method is quick and easy, but if you are like me and have no clear nail polish on hand, one of the others may be easier.  This is also a little more expensive than the other methods, if you are making a big batch of waterproof matches.


Okay, so now there are no excuses! Let’s get waterproofing!!  And remember, if your matches are not the “Strike Anywhere” kind, be sure to keep a striking surface with the matches you waterproof.