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Another week, another menu…I feed my family of four on a monthly budget of $300.  That budget includes any going out to eat, diapers for my son, and general household needs (toiletries, cat food, etc).  I wanted to post what we eat on a weekly basis to give you an idea (an asterisk indicates a new recipe I’m trying) :

I’ve done so terribly sticking with the meal plan this month….which means you’re going to see some repeats.  The good news is that we’ve eaten from home, and I didn’t even do a grocery shopping trip last week!  First week of my adult life that I haven’t gone grocery shopping, so I’m proud of myself.  Maybe now this week I’ll impress myself again and actually STICK to my plan!




Monday – *20 Minute Teriyaki Chicken and Rice, fruit salad

Tuesday – Creamed Tuna over rice, salad

Wednesday – Baked Taco Rollups, green salad, fruit salad

Thursday – *Honey Chicken Kabobs, fruit salad, veggie tray

Friday – leftover night

Saturday – *Brown Sugar Chicken, crockpot baked potatoes

Sunday – Dinner at my mom’s


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