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Another week, another menu…I feed my family of four on a monthly budget of $300.  That budget includes any going out to eat, diapers for my son, and general household needs (toiletries, cat food, etc).  I wanted to post what we eat on a weekly basis to give you an idea (an asterisk indicates a new recipe I’m trying) :     Monday 22 – Grilled burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, fruit salad   Tuesday  23 – *Honey Chicken Kabobs […]

Menu Monday 08/22/11

Homemade Nutrigrain bars 4 comments
Last weekend my family had a family reunion.  I was unable to go, but my mom and sister’s family went and had a grand ole’ time.  While there, they decided to pick me some cherries from my grandpa’s cherry bushes.  (To learn more about what Bush Cherries are, GO HERE) I knew they were going to pick me some and I was pumped.  I figured I’d make a few batches of bush cherry jam (Munchkin’s favorite).  I did not expect […]

Bush Cherry Homemade Nutri-Grain Bars