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I have a friend who posted on her blog the other day about some hurtful things were said to her regarding her children.  It got me thinking, and I wanted to get your thoughts as well.   I’ve heard some pretty ignorant remarks concerning my son and his autism.  Most are annoying:  “Wow, I didn’t know Buddy Boy was actually SMART…kids who have autism can be smart?”, “Buddy Boy is so LOUD”, “Thank heavens you got such an angelic daughter […]

When Feelings Get Hurt

So…how did your week go?  I’m hoping (for your sake) that it was more productive than mine!  🙂   Check out this pretty little list of things I didn’t get done:   Go to preschool field trip with Buddy Boy. – YES, I know, impressive right? Contact all potential donations for charitable carnival; arrange delivery/pick up. – NOPE Get items that HAVE been delivered/picked up priced and ready to go. – NOPE, but I did start…that count for something? Prepare […]

5 Things Challenge

(photo)       Another week, another menu…I feed my family of four on a monthly budget of $250.  That budget includes any going out to eat, diapers for my son, and general household needs (toiletries, cat food, etc).  I wanted to post what we eat on a weekly basis to give you an idea:   Last week I didn’t really follow my plan.  AT ALL.  I really don’t know why.  Food just didn’t sound good to me, and so […]

Menu Monday

Indivisible by Kristen Heitzmann     An inseparable bond. An insatiable force. Book Description: Battling his own personal demons, Police Chief Jonah Westfall knows the dark side of life and has committed himself to eradicating it. When a pair of raccoons are found mutilated in Redford, Colorado, Jonah investigates the gruesome act, knowing the strange event could escalate and destroy the tranquility of his small mountain town. With a rising drug threat and never-ending conflict with Tia Manning, a formidable […]

Book Review: Indivisible by Kristen Heitzmann