Menu Monday 3/28-4/2

Boy, for some reason, I just can’t think of dinners this week!  If anything sounds particularly delicious to you, holler at me and let me know, cause I’ma struggling:-)  Thank heavens my mom made us a huge family dinner last night and sent me home with leftovers! (The * means it’s a new recipe I’m trying)


Here’s what plan I have so far:


Monday –

Leftovers, homemade bread


Tuesday –

*Apple Chicken, rice, salad


Wednesday –

Build-Your-Own Taco/Burrito – Homemade tortillas, rice, “refried” beans, chicken, peppers, etc.



Thursday –

Rice with corn, BBQ pork


Friday –



Saturday –



After school snacks planned for the kids:

  • Homemade bread and jam
  • Strawberry Sorbet
  • Nutrigrain bar(s)
  • Fresh Raspberries and grapes


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