So, as you may or may not know, I’ve been working very hard at night after the kids are in bed to pay down my debt.  It’s been slow and steady, and I’ve begun seeing some real progress.  It’s relaxing, really, to know that my efforts are paying off, and that helps me sleep better at night.


Imagine with me, if you will, the horror:



I left my computer on yesterday afternoon and went to start dinner.  My buddy boy,

Oh, so sweet and innocent (NOT), decided to hop onto the computer and do some playing.  I came in 10 minutes later (WHY did I leave him alone for that long???) and found that he’d been up to some mischief.

Major mischief.

I walked up and looked at the computer screen, and to my utter dismay, I saw that in TEN minutes he’d managed to rack up more than $4,500 of debt on my account!!!

I’m not even kidding.   I went to the help section of the site, tried to cancel out his actions, but it WOULDN’T let me!!!  Oh my gosh. So as you can imagine, I was freaking out.

Anyway, after trying everything possible online to fix the problem, I had to make some decisions.  Call and complain?  Can’t do that, it’s my own dang fault, you know?  I got myself in this mess, and I’m just gonna have to get myself out.

HOW did he manage to pull something horrific like that off?  You tell me….








I mean, my gosh!  I was playing SO WELL lately!!  And now my debt score is -$5630.



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10 Responses to OH MY GOSH

  1. Nicole says:

    Wow, I’m a new reader and you totally had me believing you there!!! Lol

  2. Jennifer says:

    Not cool. I was worried.

  3. mae says:

    HA! Nice one!!

  4. Chandelle says:

    Now just imagine what he could do on Amizon with quick buy!!

  5. Mandi says:

    Dude, you totally had me going there.

    I was honestly thinking, “Holy crap CANCEL YOUR CARD! STOP PAYMENT!”

  6. HAHAHA!!!!! Oh goodness, I have to admit, you got me GOOD! Hilarious!

  7. Michelle says:

    LOL. I was almost going to say “I think I saw something about this!”. Now, I have to go back and read that darn article for real.

    • Evelyn says:

      ha ha, lame joke, I know! But he really did destroy my game-winning streak last night. And I play Vegas style, so my game losses are “costly”. :-)

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