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Thank you to The Everyday Philanthropist for sharing this wonderful information.  I LOVE, LOVE her blog, and cannot wait to read her book!  She shares LOADS of information to help the every day gal (or guy), like me, make a difference in the world, without busting our bank accounts.  Check her blog out!   April is National Volunteer Month and Everyday Philanthropist wants to make it easier for families to participate. We know you’re busy, but it is possible to […]

April is National Volunteer Month!

I found a really cool article in my newspaper a little over a week ago.  It was all about spring cleaning…the green way.   (photo) The thing is, I’ve always been into chemical-free cleaners, even before the whole “green” movement began.  I grew up in a home where my mom used Melaleuca, which is a company that makes chemical-free stuff.  Everything from cleaners to makeup to personal care products.  Soooo, it’s always been something I enjoyed.   Unfortunately, the aforementioned […]

Wellness Wednesday – Green Spring Cleaning

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Anyone read Slummy Mummy?  If you haven’t, it’s hilarious.  Totally politically incorrect, judgmental, and silly.  In the book, the main character lumps moms into different categories:   Alpha Mum – These are the PTA presidents, the school volunteers…you know, the leaders.  The women who are completely organized, those who can knit, the women with the spotless houses, the women who unknowingly make you feel worthless.   Yummy Mummy – A Yummy Mummy is a hot/sexy/gorgeous mom.  She’s never seen in […]

Moms: Classified

Boy, for some reason, I just can’t think of dinners this week!  If anything sounds particularly delicious to you, holler at me and let me know, cause I’ma struggling:-)  Thank heavens my mom made us a huge family dinner last night and sent me home with leftovers! (The * means it’s a new recipe I’m trying)   Here’s what plan I have so far:   Monday – Leftovers, homemade bread   Tuesday – *Apple Chicken, rice, salad   Wednesday – […]

Menu Monday 3/28-4/2

Thanks to Big MAKS for sharing:   April is Autism Awareness Light it up BLUE – April 1-2 World Autism Awareness Day – April 2 FEAT – Autism Training Series – April 5 Autism Council of Utah Annual Meeting – April 6 UVU Autism Conference – April 11 Big MAKS – Bouncin’ off the Walls – April 11 Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities State Spring Conference Autismo Utah Conference – April 16 Asperger’s Syndrome Seminar – April 20 Autism and […]

April is Autism Awareness – Utah Events

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My day yesterday: made 54 sandwiches for church took care of sick kids (5th straight day of fevers, poor baby) Took a trip to the doctor Came up with centerpiece for church meeting, set up chairs, decor, etc for said meeting Contacted dozens of companies for donations for charitable carnival Went to the bank Grocery shopped Picked up antibiotics Picked up mp3 player Ran into someone I didn’t want to see and listened to him yap for 20 minutes while […]

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