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Hi, Joanna Taylor here, from Creating Better Habits. I was excited when Evelyn asked
me to guest post for her today, and I am glad she feels that I have
something I can offer you!

So, 2011 Goals. Have you started planning them? If not, that’s okay. You
still have a couple of days. For some of you, goal setting is easy, and you
do it every year without fail. For the rest of us, goal setting can feel
like a chore. Something that you start, but never finish. Do you even
remember what goals you set last year? If the answer is no, I have ten tips
to help you accomplish your goals in 2011.

  1. Use headers for each area of improvement you’d like in your life. That
    might be one area, or several. The ones I use are: God (but you could use
    spiritua), Body, Home, Mind, and Relationships.
  2. Set concrete goals. Be specific. For example, instead of “workout more”
    I say “workout 5 days a week.”
  3. Involve others where you can. One of my specific goals is to “run at
    least 2 races” (I’ve already decided on the 5k’s I’ll be running), and “do 2
    bigger hikes.” To me, this is a two-for-one deal because I know (though it’s
    not written here) that I’ll be doing those with my friends and/or family,
    and I’ve already solicited their involvement. Doing goals with others can
    help to motivate you to actually achieving them, and you’ll build
    relationships and memories with those you love.
  4. Set personal growth goals. These are things you might do with someone
    else, but often they are done on your own. For me, this usually falls under
    spiritual study, although I also have goals that are for my mind as
  5. Be firm in your goals. Instead of “I’d like to” I simply put the things
    I will do.
  6. Understand what motivates you, and use that to your advantage. Are the
    results enough? Or do you also need a reward system as you achieve your
    goals? Do you need to lose weight? One of the ladies that came to a denim
    party I held bought an adorable pair of jeans a size or two too small so
    that she would have the motivation to take off the weight she put on this
    year. She had been that size before and knew it was obtainable. This brings
    me to:
  7. Set goals that you can reach. If setting quarterly goals, instead of
    yearly goals, helps you to accomplish something, then do it. No one will
    judge you, and when you feel that sense of accomplishment, it will spur you
    on to the next level.
  8. Understand that some goals take daily practice, and create a daily
    routine that will allow you to accomplish your goals.
  9. Check up on yourself at regular intervals. I like to do it once a week,
    but you could do it more or less frequently as needed.
  10. Realize you are human. You will miss days of practice, you will forget
    that you set a certain goal, and you might even fall short of your intended
    outcome. However, accepting that it happened and making a renewed vow, or
    adjusting your goal to a more realistic one, is better than giving up.

If you are interested in keeping up with me on your own 2011 goals, I’d love
to have you join in the fun at Creating Better Habits.

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2 thoughts on “Guest Post – 2011 Goals – Have You Set Them?

  • Mandi

    I like this Joanna. I have one main goal this year:

    Stop swearing like a truck driver.

    Seriously I have A MOUTH. I’m going to have to take your advice, and make this a “one day at a time” goal. I already screwed up today.