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Those who live in and around the Salt Lake Valley should check these fabulous classes out!  Thanks to My Kids Eye View for the information. All classes are at the main library, you can probably find more info on their website. Join The City Library and Wasatch Community Gardens for a series of workshops to jump-start your 2011 garden! All events take place in the Main Library’s Level 4 Conference Room. Saturday, January 29, 10:00 a.m. Noon Starting a Community […]

Jump-Start Your Garden with SLC Library Classes

It’s that time again…time to look over my week and see how I did, and then (most likely) to make amends and promise to do better this next week!  Here goes: De-clutter that darn hall closet. – NO…Maybe I should take this off the list? Make a dentist appointment for the kids. – NO…can’t take this one off. Clean off the filing cabinet. – YES Write up and organize a daily to-do list. – YES Lose 2 lbs. (Hope I’m […]

5 Things Challenge Jan. 30th

I don’t know how things are at your house, but here I deal with kids who really, REALLY want me to buy a type of food, and then they eat it for a day and don’t want anymore….case in point: Now I don’t buy crackers very often, because they’re processed and generally more expensive for my taste.  However, when I can find a killer deal on them, I’ll usually buy a few boxes.  My kids are always SO excited to […]

Friday’s Frugal Food – Crumby

Go HERE to request a sample of Quaker Oatmeal Squares for 10 of your friends…and if you can’t think of anyone, I’ll be your friend. J (just teasing!) Fill out this form here to request an inhaler pouch from ProAir FHA Get a free Twitter Guide:  Best Practices and Tips. Get a free sample of Focus Factor from Sam’s Club (no membership required). Get a free copy of the booklet:  Adventures in Parenting. Free Turbo Tax filing HERE. H&R Block […]

Friday Freebies