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(photo)     I’m not a huge “year in review” kind of a gal…I like to do it for myself, but it’s not typically something I write up for others.  I love sending Christmas letters to friends, but it’s always SO HARD to think of anything to write! I do, however LOVE reading people’s updates, so I’m going to make an effort and do a better job.   With that in mind, have a look at some of my favorite […]

2010 Blogger Year in Review

Ahhhh…   Christmas was WONDERFUL.  Full of love, full of Christ, full of kiddo laughter and smiles.  (alas, there were a few tears as well, but that’s life.)     After opening and unwrapping all the gifts, our recycle bin is CHOCK-FULL, and the recycle truck doesn’t come for another 11 days!!  So…we built a fire today and burned our plain cardboard boxes and newspaper wrapping paper, and all that good stuff.  It was so cozy and nice, that I […]

5 Things Challenge…