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It’s a great week for giveaways…I’m especially excited to share these few with you today! Go HERE to Shauna’s amazing blog for a chance to win a Sound Of Music Prize pack….HOLY HUGE!  The pack includes a DVD and Blu-Ray copy of the movie, along with a limited edition BOOK.  Yippee, thanks Shauna! Shauna is also hosting an amazing giveaway for a Bamboo Robe.  Doesn’t that just SOUND luxurious?  I imagine taking a long, hot bubble bath (complete with candles, […]

Gallery of Giveaways 11/01

 Fill out the form HERE to get free tanning samples from Booth Juice.  If you haven’t before, sign up for York photo and get 40 free prints. Go here for a free sample pack from Ideal. Texas residents, request a free health pocket calendar HERE.  (Texas residents ONLY) Print a certificate for a free sample of Enfamil Formula. Free e-book download:  9 Thanksgiving Crafts to Make.

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My favorite book.  My favorite book. Hmmmm……. Anyone who knows me knows I CANNOT pick ONE BOOK.  Yeah right!  And so, here are a few of my favorites: My favorite book as a young girl was Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White.  Such a sweet story of friendship!  It’s ironic that I can’t even look at the pictures in the book anymore because I’m THAT scared of spiders… My favorite book as an adolescent was Summer of the Monkeys by Wilson […]

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Happy Halloween to everyone!  As much as I’d LOVE to get all dressed up and take a picture to post on here, this post is all about what I achieved/didn’t accomplish this week.  Bummer for y’all.:-) Wash all the door knobs and handles and stuff…really! – YES Donate all those bags to DI. – NO, they’re still sitting in the trunk. Make a menu plan for the rest of the month, which should be easy since there’s only a week […]

5 Things Challenge 10/31

I don’t watch a lot of TV, and so this one was kinda hard for me.  I decided to go with the one show I watch on a regular basis:  The Biggest Loser. What can I say?  I get drawn into the life transformations I see, and it’s motivating.  I love their website too, although that’s a much newer discovery for me.  So many great resources on there!  So that’s it for me.  What TV show(s) can you NOT miss?

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I was in 8th grade in my history class.  We’d gotten letters of permission from our parents to watch a historical fiction that was rated R.  No classwork.  I was so excited!  I figured I could sorta watch, sorta nap for the 3 days that we were watching the movie.  And the first day, I did just that.  Day 2, however, I got something I didn’t expect. I’ll never forget the feelings that rushed over me as I watched Trip […]

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Get a free Beech-Nut Next Steps Kit when you sign up for their e-newsletter! Get a free “Don’t Let California Go To Pot” sticker HERE.. If you like creating your own cards for special occasions,  then go here, where you can create and print them for free. Are you interested in creating your own printable calendars?  This is a great site to do just that for free!  You can even print a calendar with your own photo. Last, but certainly […]

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The first little fact about me that I get to share is my favorite song.  This was a pretty easy choice for me, because I’ve been in love with this song since I was little.  It is That’s What Friends are For by Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and Gladys Knight.   I will totally admit it, I was first attracted to this song because of the “cool sounding harmonica” at the beginning.  I WAS only 5 years old, so […]

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