Monthly Archives: September 2010

Three things that made me smile today: My friend Stephanie coming over with a sackful of clothes and chatting with me. Trying a new painted face on myself and screwing up royally….yes it made me smile, and laugh in fact.  No, I can’t bring myself to show you the picture. 🙂 Munchkin making my bed for me because she wants it done “right”. Hope you had a good, happy day!

Oh Happy Day

I recently had the opportunity to read the book Your Money God’s Way by Amie Streater. Book description: “Amie Streater…delivers a powerful message of common sense and biblical wisdom that today’s churchgoers desperately need.” – Dave Ramsey Readers discover the seven “counterfeit convictions” that keep them broke and encounter proven plans for getting out of debt, building wealth, and finding financial peace. Money habits. Where do they come from? Can you pinpoint when you started shopping to feel better, why […]

Book Review: Your Money God’s Way

Three things that made me smile over the weekend: Watching my Buddy Boy get up in church and say a scripture for the class to repeat.  It’s hard to imagine that only 9 months ago he really didn’t have any words! Making cookies for 3 of our neighbors, and seeing how excited the kids were to share. Munchkin begging me to cut her hair, and then LOVING the new ‘do!!  (Phew!) What make you happy?

Oh Happy Day…