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It’s been kind of a crappy day, actually…I woke up sick and have stayed that way.  BLAH.

BUT!  There is always good that comes out of this kind of stuff:

  • Munchkin said she felt really bad for me, and to come into the living room for a “treatment”.  I did and she had me lay down while she put lotion on my feet and legs.  HEAVEN.
  • Buddy Boy saw me laying down trying not to hurl, and he got upset.  I thought “I cannot deal with an ornery boy right now.”  But as he approached, instead of screaming at me, he whimpered, “LOVE?” and tried to cuddle with me.  Those who know my son know how HUGE this is.  He spoke a word, he spoke it with meaning, and he did it all on his own without being prompted!  I swear if I hadn’t been half-dead in bed, I would have jumped up and down and danced with him and loved him till he was sick of it.
  • The kids both ate dinner.  And asked for seconds.

Not such a bad day after all…

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