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(photo courtesy) It’s been awhile since I updated my jar change amount…to be honest, I haven’t been building up in it as quickly lately.  Don’t know why.  Just haven’t.  But that’s okay…I’ll do better.  I WILL. The new grand total…. $116.10 This money is going to be our spending money at Disney this fall…anything extra will be Christmas money!  Yippee!

Jar O’ Change Update

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5 Great Uses for Vinegar in your Yard and Garden: Keep ants away.  Spray vinegar around doors, appliances, and other trouble areas to deter them.  Ants do not like vinegar. Kill weeds and/or grass.  If you’ve got weeds or grass growing in your cement or anywhere else you don’t want it, spray undiluted vinegar on them and it’ll kill them!  Just be careful not to spray the plants you DON’T want dead. Freshen cut flowers.  Sugar isn’t the only thing […]

Frugal Friday – Using Vinegar in Your Garden

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$26.50 That’s how much I spent at this yard sale.  I rarely spend more than $5 at a yard sale.  But ya know, I couldn’t resist. See how big that wreath is?  That is sitting next to my 3 1/2 year old son.  Yeah, I paid $2 for it…. Here’s a close up of the spoils. Okay, so I gotta tell you in annoying detail what exactly I got now…cause $26 aint that impressive until you know the whole story… […]


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Well, I admit, this isnt’ something I’ve thought much about preparing for…but what about bathroom stuff?  Yeah, sure, stock up on toilet paper, but what if after a natural disaster you can’t even use the toilet???  Eek!!  The images floating in my mind are such that I’ve decided I must share this “Porta Potty” info with you all NOW:-)  (here’s a sample one) SOOOO, to make your own emergency “Porta Potty” Kit: Gather the following items and stick them in […]

Emergency Kits – Porta Potty