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Jar O’ Change Update

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It’s been awhile since I updated my jar change amount…to be honest, I haven’t been building up in it as quickly lately.  Don’t know why.  Just haven’t.  But that’s okay…I’ll do better.  I WILL.

The new grand total….


This money is going to be our spending money at Disney this fall…anything extra will be Christmas money!  Yippee!

Frugal Friday – Using Vinegar in Your Garden 1 comment

5 Great Uses for Vinegar in your Yard and Garden:
  1. Keep ants away.  Spray vinegar around doors, appliances, and other trouble areas to deter them.  Ants do not like vinegar.
  2. Kill weeds and/or grass.  If you’ve got weeds or grass growing in your cement or anywhere else you don’t want it, spray undiluted vinegar on them and it’ll kill them!  Just be careful not to spray the plants you DON’T want dead.
  3. Freshen cut flowers.  Sugar isn’t the only thing that freshens that bouquet of flowers you picked!  Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar AND 1 teaspoon of sugar for each quart of water, and your cut flowers will last longer.
  4. Keep the local cats out of your kids’ sandbox by spraying around it with vinegar.  Sweet!
  5. Remove berry stains from your hands by washing them with vinegar.

Share a blog Wednesday – Seeking Sisterhood 2 comments

 The blog highlight this week is one that I discovered after becoming addicted to blog giveaways:-).  This blog, run by Shauna over at Trying to Stay Calm decided she wanted another blog, a different blog, that would celebrate womanhood, and more importantly, sisterhood.  After all, we are all sisters, right?  (Well except you poor guys out there, but you get my point.)

And so, Seeking Sisterhood was created.  And I am IN LOVE with it!  So without any further ado:

Tell me about yourself:
I have 3 boys and a big one, my hubby. I love to spend time with my family and friends. I enjoy reading others blogs. Thank you to those that keep up on your blogs as they truly bless my life!
Please tell me about your blog:
 Since I live with all boys I was excited to start this blog! I thought it was the perfect place for Sisterhood!
What got you started blogging?
I love to write and connect with others and this has been a great way to do that!
Who is your blog targeted to?
What plans do you have for the future of your blog?
I want this to be an uplifting place that touches all those who come to visit :)   
What is your blog address?  or you can click on Seeking Sisterhood
And lastly, but definitely not least, can you share one fun fact about yourself with us?  A quirk you have, perhaps, or a funny story?
I love to make others laugh and enjoy being around those that make me laugh too.

I LOOOVE YARD SALES!!! 1 comment


That’s how much I spent at this yard sale.  I rarely spend more than $5 at a yard sale.  But ya know, I couldn’t resist.

See how big that wreath is?  That is sitting next to my 3 1/2 year old son.  Yeah, I paid $2 for it….

Here’s a close up of the spoils.

Okay, so I gotta tell you in annoying detail what exactly I got now…cause $26 aint that impressive until you know the whole story…

First of all, I got a brand new Back To Basics smoothie maker.  This sucker is nicer than any blender I’ve ever had before!  I paid $10 for it.
And the rest:
7 shirts for hubby
1 shirt for yours truly
the HUGE Christmas wreath
a brand new metal box grater
a brand new putty knife
a dozen or so Christmas gift bags
2 huge spools fancy schmancy ribbon
5 large glittery pear shaped Christmas decorations (I’m a sucker for Christmas stuff)
1 brand new collage picture frame
1 backpack for my girl
3 Barbies (my daughter actually bought these, but you know…)
V-Tech game for Buddy Boy
Littlest Pet Shop “stage”
Hannah Montana purse w/trading cards
robot cat (yep, my daughter had a blast at this sale!)
a mini glue gun
bottle of tacky glue
2 bottles of craft paint
witch hat for halloween

ALL the stuff was either new or in like-new condition….now THESE are the kinds of sales I like!!!

Emergency Kits – Porta Potty 1 comment

Well, I admit, this isnt’ something I’ve thought much about preparing for…but what about bathroom stuff?  Yeah, sure, stock up on toilet paper, but what if after a natural disaster you can’t even use the toilet???  Eek!!  The images floating in my mind are such that I’ve decided I must share this “Porta Potty” info with you all NOW:-)
 (here’s a sample one)
SOOOO, to make your own emergency “Porta Potty” Kit:
Gather the following items and stick them in the bucket.
You will need:
  • 5 gallon bucket with carry handle
  • seat with a lid (can be purchased at Emergency Essentials or Ace Hardware)
  • LOTS of heavy duty plastic bags to line the bucket
  • 7-8 rolls of toilet tissues.  You can remove the center cardboard and wrap individually in plastic wrap to save space, and also to be doubly sure that they are in a waterproof container.
  • hand moisture wipes
  • air freshener (optional)  I’d do this, but I’d make my own homemade with essential oils probably.
  • 1 liter bottle of cat litter
  • 1 roll of paper towels
  • packs of enzyme 300 deodorizer (optional, but nice)
Stick all that stuff in your 5 gallon bucket and store.  You can also include a flashlight and batteries in case of needed night use!

Share a blog Wednesday – Favorite Family Recipes

It’s time for another blog feature!  The blog I chose to feature this week is one of my absolute FAVORITES.  I was so excited to hear back from the authors and to be able to share some fun info about their blog for you!

Before you read the interview, I have to tell you:  The recipes these ladies share are incredible.  I make their breadsticks every single week, and usually make a big batch to share with neighbors.  I’ve never NOT gotten raves about them.  And that’s really just the start.  I’ve like every single recipe I’ve tried on their site!

Tell me about yourself:
There are actually 2 of us that contribute to the blog. My sister and myself. She posts under “EBWalker” and I post under “Erica”
We are both married into “Walker” families but our husbands are unrelated.

Please tell me about your blog, What got you started blogging?
Our blog started a couple years ago as a way for my sister and I to share our recipes with our family. We didn’t think anyone else would be interested in our little recipes but I guess we were wrong. We were surprised when our family’s friends started asking for the site and for various recipes. More and more people have been finding our site online and we couldn’t be happier. We love sharing our recipes and love to hear that people are enjoying them!

Who is your blog targeted to?
Anyone and everyone! You don’t even have to like to cook. These are easy recipes for people who don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen.

What plans do you have for the future of your blog?
That’s a great question. Things are up in the air right now but we are working on some re-designing to make it easier to navigate through the site. Hopefully in the near future you will be seeing some positive changes!

What is your blog address?

And lastly, but definitely not least, can you share one fun fact about yourself with us? A quirk you have, perhaps, or a funny story?

We grew up thinking scrambled eggs mixed with Miracle Whip was normal (it is still actually one of our favorite breakfasts). We also grew up thinking that ketchup belonged on EVERYTHING. We went through BOTTLES of ketchup each week. We put ketchup on bologna (we would put a line of ketchup down a slice of bologna, then roll it up and eat it as a snack), roast, steak, mac & cheese, tacos, chili.. you name it, we doused it with ketchup. Once we discovered other spices, condiments, and sauces most of us grew out of the ketchup thing.. but not my Dad. Just last week we went to a Mexican restaurant and my Dad asked for ketchup to put on his tacos. Our waitress gave him a look I will never forget.

Do a Deed…

I was searching for some service project ideas that my kids and I can do together, and I came across this one:
Collect unused make-up, perfume and other cosmetics for a center for abused women.
I’m thinking whatever doesn’t sell of my MK will have to go to this!  What a great way to give back:-)
Don’t have a cosmetic business going out of sale?:-)  First of all, lucky you haha!  Second, there are a lot of places you can purchase discounted makeup to donate.  I’m always surprised at how many yard sales have new Mary Kay or Avon items, or there are a lot of discount stores that will carry stuff.  What a fun idea!
And although I try to stick to just one idea at a time, I came across this and just LOVE IT SO MUCH:
Set up a seed or a plant exchange in your neighborhood.
Fantastic, huh?  Honestly, I just did this with my family last week without even realizing.  My aunt gave me two currant plants that she dug up from her yard, and I gathered the seeds from some Columbine flowers and gave to her.  When my mom saw how many honey bees my Bachelor’s Button attract, she asked for a few seeds as well.  It took 2 seconds to dead-head a couple blooms and pour the seeds into a little baggy.
Now, imagine how AWESOME it would be if you had an organized, thought out seed exchange with your whole neighborhood!  I drool at the thought….and you’re serving others at the same time.

Oy! It’s been a DAY… 5 comments

It has been one of those really crappy days so far…
You know, the kind where:
you are exhausted because you were up all night with stomach pains, and you wake up for the 5th morning IN A ROW with a migraine, and you can’t get your prescription because you lost your driver’s license, and you can’t go in and replace your driver’s license because you can’t find your birth certificate (even though your mom works there), and then in an attempt to be productive, you turn on the sprinklers and while doing so trip UP the stairs (nope, not kidding) and sprain your wrist and hurt your poor toes, and then cause you’re hurting you don’t pay attention to the sprinkler placement and forget that your home office window is open and the next thing you know everything is soaked including your computer, printer, tons of paperwork, your old family photos that you haven’t gotten around to scanning yet, and more; and so then you dry everything off and it all seems to be in good order except that your internet won’t connect and your phone can’t decide if it wants to make calls (even though your phone was safe in your pocket and didn’t even get wet), and you JUST WANT A NAP?
Yeah, it’s been one of those days.  
So what did I do about it?  I complained on facebook, of course!  (That IS what we’re supposed to do, right?)
And then I got a response from a guy that I don’t really know all that well.  He added me to his friends because he’s and old friend of my dad’s.  I heard that I met him once when I was 7 or so, but that’s based on what my dad told me, so who knows, right? (just teasing Dad!)
So anywho, he replied to my status update:  “It’s God’s way of letting you know that you have good in your life. Can you say ‘balance’?”
And you know what, he’s really right.  I am SO dang blessed in so many areas, sometimes I probably am in need of some humbling.   And maybe I’ll not complain tomorrow online, just because of that.  Besides, it’s all temporary stuff…I’m back on the computer again aren’t I?

Thank you, facebook friend….thank you for a reminder I DESPERATELY needed.

A few of my favorite blessings: