100 fun things to do with your kids this summer!

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First of all, THANK YOU to Designing & Motherhood  for this fabulous list.  She got it from the  Sisters Stuff blog and changed a few…. I have done the same thing.  Kept most, edited a few that will apply more to me.  I may have to also print this thing to have it handy when the kids start the deathly march of boredom.  Because I know they will!  (I’m DYING of boredom Mom!)

Have a great time checking some off this summer!

1. Go for a bike ride
2. Make homemade ice cream or visit an ice cream parlor
3. Bake a double batch of cookies and deliver one to another family
4. Learn a few magic tricks and produce your own magic show
5. Have a picnic at a park
6. Hike or climb trees
7. Make homemade popcorn or popcorn balls
8. Blow bubbles
9. Go swimming (in the backyard or the pool)
10. Plan a scavenger hunt for outside. Or plan one for in the house using every letter of the alphabet.
11. Make, roll, and bake a loaf of homemade bread together (there’s a fantastic, easy recipe here!)
12. Make homemade play dough
13. Read a good book aloud to your parents or grandparents
14. Look through photo albums or view family movies, or videos
15. Make a collage from magazine words and pictures
16. Collect some canned goods for the food bank
17. Draw pictures with chalk on the sidewalk
18. Go fishing
19. Plan a family game night
20. Work on a jigsaw puzzle
21. Go roller skating
22. Paint a picture
23. Have a candy treasure hunt
24. Make a homemade kite to fly
25. Try origami (Japanese paper-folding) or make a paper airplane and fly it
26. Make an obstacle course in your back yard
27. Visit a tourist spot near your home
28. Write a poem
29. Make a bird feeder
30. Walk around your block and pick up all the litter you can find.
31. Go to the zoo
32. Go bowling
33. Make your own homemade pizza
34. Invite another family over for a game of charades or “Guesstures”
35. Listen to your favorite music and dance around
36. Go without TV for a day
37. Make a collage using seeds, rice, cereal, old buttons and sewing scraps
38. Run around the block 3 times
39. Paint your toes and fingernails
40. Go camping–or stay home and camp out in your own dining room.
41. Make snow cones
42. Make puppets out of lunch bags, old socks, felt, wooden clothespins. Put on a puppet show
43. Have a bonfire outdoors or in your fireplace and roast hot dogs and marshmallows
44. Write a letter to your best friend or cousin
45. Visit a shut-in or an elderly friend or relative in a nursing home
46. Pick wild flowers and take to someone you love
47. Make a double dinner and surprise someone with dinner
48. Sketch a picture of your house from the outside
49. Play educational computer games
50. Write a play…put together costumes and put it on your for family
51. Make a piece of art out of objects you have around the house or yard
52. Sign up at your local library for their Summer Reading Program
53. Color a picture or write a letter to send to grandparents
54. Make a list together of all the things in your house that use electricity. You might do this when you lose power sometime.
55. Plant something
56. Enjoy a shopping trip for something little, but fun like the dollars store—a jar of bubbles, stickers, paper dolls, a matchbox car
57. Play store, library or school
58. Visit a petting farm. Milk a cow, help to feed the animals. Take pictures.
59. Play a new sport- badminton, volleyball, tennis, Frisbee, yard darts or ping pong
60. Tour where Dad works
61. Play hide-and-seek (inside or outside)
62. Help wash the car
63. Share a favorite movie with a friend
64. Draw a family tree on paper and complete it as a family. Add old photographs if available
65. Go jogging or take a walk together
66. Give each person a large piece of paper and take turns tracing the outlines of their bodies on it. Color in the outlines to look like you.
67. Jump on a trampoline
68. Go to the library
69. Gather a variety of leaves and identify them
70. Rearrange the furniture in your bedroom
71. Memorize something meaningful: a psalm, a poem, a passage from the Bible, the Gettysburg Address
72. Make a sweet treat
73. Learn about a different country and make a meal from that country
74. Jump rope
75. Learn how to harvest veggies from a garden
76. Visit a friend
77. Make a summer healthy snack
78. Make a new dessert recipe
79. Put together a scrapbook describing a favorite vacation or any special event (pictures, writing, souvenirs)
80. If it’s warm outside, turn on the water sprinkler and run through it
81. Make a lemonade stand
82. Water the yard, houseplants or flowers
83. Play with sand toys and trucks in a sandbox
84. Swing
85. Play a card game
86. Go to a ball game or play one—football, kickball, softball, baseball, basketball, soccer
87. Finger paint with chocolate pudding
88. Make a milkshake or a smoothie
89. Have a real tea party with some friends
90. Take a trip to an amusement park, a museum or a planetarium
91. Clean out your closet
92. Practice playing a musical instrument. If you don’t play an instrument, try learning to play one, maybe the recorder or the harmonica.
93. Make a yummy salad and eat it
94. Build a fort
95. String beads or fruit loops to make a necklace
96. Write and illustrate a short story
97. Build something out of empty boxes of all shapes and sizes. Oatmeal and salt boxes work well
98. Volunteer to help a neighbor for free—just because
99. Play with water guns
100. Make your own list of things of more things to do when you’re bored

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