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The Right To Lead:  Learning Leadership Through Character And Courage by John C. Maxwell…what can I say?  I loved this book.  I was expecting a novel style, but instead found a nice compact booked filled with inspirational stories, quotes, and ideas.  This is truly a book I will read over and over again, simply when I am in need of motivation, of inspiration, or simply of escape. 

Divided up into seven sections, John C. Maxwell shares with us different traits that need to be in existence for true leadership to come about.  These include:  Action, Vision, Sacrifice, Risk, Determination, Service, and Integrity.  In each section, a good number of quotes are included, as well as at least one true story highlighting someone who has had a shown a great deal of the aforementioned trait. 

In reading this book, I heard from and read about so many people who EARNED the right to lead others, through courage and character.  As I read, I felt prompted to do my part to be a leader, in my own little ways:  To lead my children as they seek my help and advice.  To lead those few that I work with in PTA, and to inspire them as I do my part.  The book does not tell you how to be in charge of others, or how to get them to do what you want.  It tells you what YOU need to do to earn the right to be a leader.  Then, and only then, will you truly be effective.

This was such an enjoyable read!  Like I said, this is a book that I will happily read time and again, for reference if nothing else.  I’m proud to have this book in my home library!  5 stars, all the way.

*I was not provided with any monetary compensation…the book was provided to me free of charge by BookSneeze in exchange for my review.  The opinions shared are mine, and mine only.

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