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So, I had my scope done today.  The results are in, it’s official:  I have an ulcer.

Oh, wait…that’s not right.

I have THREE ulcers!

Cool huh?  I know it’s not really cool, but bear with me, I’m still a little drugged up and feeling happy and loopy.  And knowing that I have not one, but three ulcers, makes me feel pretty justified in spending the money to go to the doctor. 

Does anyone do that?  Feel guilty about going to the doc and thinking they’re wasting the family income?  I do.  And so I feel better about that $50 copay I just paid, knowing that there really, TRULY is something going on, and it’s not me just being a wimp.  Kind of me being a wimp, but not 100% wimp-dom.

Now I’m just waiting on the results of another test to determine if the ulcer is bacteria-caused, or something else.  I’m betting something else, but we’ll see!  Either way, it’s SO nice to know for sure and have it out of the way.  Now to treat the sucker. 

My Munchkin is so cute.  She told her teacher today that her mom was in the hospital because of a hole in the stomach.  Her poor teacher was really worried about me lol. I’ll have to ease her mind when I go in to volunteer tomorrow.

Okay, I realize I’m rambling.  Gotta love sedation.  You wanna know something funny?  I asked the nurse about the sedation, and she said they call it the Michael Jackson juice.  It was kinda funny.  And when I woke up, I couldn’t stop laughing.  They said people are usually out of it when they wake up, but not filled with laughter.  So I don’t know what happened there.

Okay, really.  I’m done.  Unless you want me to post a picture of the ulcers?  I got a copy! ha ha, just kidding I won’t do that.

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2 thoughts on “The Results Are In…

  • Tired Mom

    LOL! Gotta love drugs! Well, while I'm not happy you have 3 ulcers, I'm glad you at least know what's wrong. I feel that way too; guilty of going to the doctor and then they don't find anything. I can't stand that.

    Let me know if there's anything you need, ok, seriously! I hope you feel better soon, meaning the ulcers go away and you don't have to worry about going to the doctor again for a good long while!