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Service Soapbox Baby Shower
In conjunction with the Service Soapbox Baby Shower, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on compassionate service, and service in general.

Just a couple of days ago I shared a story about my daughter serving me.  That story really sums up my thoughts on the matter, but let me recap:

  • Service does not have to cost you money.
  • Service does not have to cost you time.
  • Service is AWESOME!!!
  • One person, doing what they can to serve another, will CHANGE THIS WORLD.

I think a lot of us think that we can’t change the world, we can’t make a difference, we can’t “pay it forward”…because we feel we’re not qualified to do so, don’t have enough time or money, or just plain aren’t good enough.

You can serve and make a difference with what you have, and if you sincerely give what you have, it’s the biggest gift one could receive. 

Some of my favorite experiences with compassionate service include:

  • The time my neighbor brought by a book she’s borrowed from the library.  The title, something along the lines of “Cats Have Aspergers, Too”.  She was thinking of us and wanted us to have a fun read.  
  • The time just a little over a week ago when our neighbors brought us over some Easter rolls…they were delicious, fun, and they set the perfect tone for my family’s Easter!!!
  • Every single time my kids pick the dandelions from my yard and give them to me, my heart soars.  It really, truly does! 
  • The day before my grandfather passed away (this last January), he was in the hospital, and his feet were bothering him.  My mom and I asked him if he wanted lotion on his feet, and he confirmed that he did.  Rubbing lotion on and massaging my grandfather’s feet meant the world to me.  It meant MORE than the world.  It was the last chance I had to serve him, in my small way, on this earth.  I felt God’s love surround me as I thought of Christ washing the feet of his disciples.  A simple task, sure, but one that meant SO MUCH MORE.  I will be forever changed because of that moment.  

So what do you say?  Join me at the Baby Shower?  If you can’t come, how about you join me for the Virtual Shower the next week?

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One thought on “My thoughts on Compassionate Service

  • The Crash Test Dummy

    That is really sweet. I love that you got to massage your grandfather's feet. Isn't that so true how one small act of kindess can be so huge.