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I was recently reading an article from Dave Ramsey’s   newsletter that talked about financial spring cleaning…I think he shared some great advice!  Here are some ways he suggested to spring clean your finances:

Clean out file drawers
Prune unnecessary expenses
Update important documents

Here are some things I will do along with my “spring cleaning”:

Organize my pantry.  I’ve been guilty of purchasing food that I didn’t realize I had, and wasted money.

Update food storage inventory list. – I love knowing what I’ve got and what I need to stock up on.  We’re starting to get a little low on powdered milk, so I’ll be stocking up this month. (well, next month technically)

Finish up and complete any garden plans. 

To read the full article from Dave Ramsey, head on over HERE

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One thought on “Finance Spring Cleaning

  • Bryce and Candice

    Speaking of spring cleaning we are doing our annual garage sale for relay for life in a couple of weeks. If you have anything you would like to donate, or if you want to check out the sale let me know. I am not exactly sure on the date, but I can find out if you are interested!