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So, freezing potatoes…a lot of people say “NO WAY”, that their texture is destroyed, that it’s no good to freeze a potato. I have to say though, I have not had a problem freezing potatoes. One important thing to remember is that when you do freeze potatoes, you MUST cook them first. Some people just blanch them, and that seems to work well too.   I did some research on the subject and found that there are many who agree […]

Freezer Cooking – Potatoes

FREE SAMPLES I don’t ever write up posts about other websites unless I’ve used them myself and am pleased with them. So…I’m very excited to tell you about this awesome website that I go to DAILY to do some “freebie shopping”. The freebies I get here are usually samples, sometimes books, but my goodness there is a lot of good stuff. Just last week as my mom was over helping me (I was recovering from surgery), she noticed that THREE […]

Shop For Freebies!!!