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MUST HAVES for making your own cleaners! 2 comments

Okay, let me explain the Parmesan container. This is a must have for the CONTAINER ONLY.:-) It’s a perfect holder for baking soda-type cleaners. You could use a baby powder container instead, but I had to explain that first off. And the windex container does not actually contain Windex. It is my homemade glass cleaner. I saved it from my former evil chemical cleaning life.

Included in my essential cleaning supply is

I will post some very specific recipes shortly, but in the meantime, here’s a quick overview of cleaning you can do with these items:

BAKING SODA – unclog a drain: pour 1/2 cup down a clogged drain, and follow with vinegar. Let it bubble for awhile and then flush with boiling hot water.
– tub and sink cleaner: use it like comet or ajax. I like to add a few drops of essential oil simply for the lovely scent! (the parmesan container comes in handy for this)
– clean off car battery corrosion: make a paste of baking soda and vinegar and scrub. It’ll work wonders.

SALT – Pour into a pan filled with grease after cooking and it’ll soak the grease right up.

LEMON JUICE – Use as a window cleaner.
– Use with salt as a lemony scrub for stuck on grease and other kitchen residue.

VINEGAR – wash windows: mix 1 part vinegar with 2-3 parts water and use as window cleaner
– wash doorknobs and handles: vinegar is a mild disinfectant, and is perfect for wiping down handles and other things that tend to harbor germs.
– unclogging drains: pour a bunch of baking soda down a drain and follow it with some vinegar.

BORAX POWDER – Pour a little into your laundry with your regular detergent to give it an added boost.
– Deodorize your garbage pails by sprinkling a little into the bottom.

ESSENTIAL OILS – Perfect for adding to almost any cleaner simply to add a nice scent, if you want it. I purchase mine from doTERRA.

RUBBING ALCOHOL – Add a tablespoon of this to your vinegar/water cleaner to provide a streak-free window cleaning.
– Use with a Q-tip to clean crayon markings off your TV (yes, I’ve had to do this many times, it’s tested and true, unfortunately!)

More recipes to follow….