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In my local church, we’ve been given the challenge to build up a 3-month supply (MINIMUM) of food storage as families by the end of the year. July’s focus was on protein. I’ve posted a few bean recipes, on here, so I won’t do a whole lot of them again, but I wanted to share a little of how I’m calculating out my protein needs and stock. I’m not good at thinking “I need xx lbs of beans.” It just […]

Food Storage Friday – Protein

Okay, so everything I’m hearing is that those who have zucchini have WAY more than all my ideas will use up! lol, I’m in the same boat here, so….here are some more ideas: 1. FREEZE IT. I know I mentioned this before, but honestly, if you’re not going to be able to eat TONS of zucchini recipes, or if you just are sick of preparing zucchini dishes, chop the stuff up and freeze it. You can blanch it for a […]

MORE Zucchini Ideas!