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Thursday’s Thought

“Self-reliance is the only road to true freedom, and being one’s own person is its ultimate reward”
-Patricia Sampson

Thank you, for the beautiful photo.

Thrifty Thursday 1 comment

This was my Albertson’s convenient food storage run:

Before discounts, the total was $52.27

After discounts, the total was $18.09 (65% discount)
PLUS, I got $10 off my next purchase, so if you count that, it was only $8.09. I don’t count it, because that $10 discount does not represent my out of pocket. I will post next week’s shopping trip including this discount.
What I got:
-6 boxes cereal
-1 24-oz bottle ketchup FREE (I had a coupon for a free ketchup)
-1 Wishbone spritzer
-1 bottle Best Foods Mayo
-2 jars Ragu pasta
-2 boxes Suddenly Salad
-1 box brownie mix
-2 pkgs hot dogs

A lot of this stuff I don’t normally buy. The Suddenly Salad, for example. I don’t usually buy convenience foods, however, since it is going into my food storage, I think it’s a good thing. If times get so tight that we can’t afford groceries, I can get a quick and easy meal ready for the family using this type of stuff, and we won’t starve. That’s always a good thing:-)

Food Storage Friday – How Much Do You Need? 1 comment

It’s been a hectic week, so I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. All is well here, however, and I wanted to post a little deal about food storage.

A lot of people have no clue how much they need….Okay, so a year’s supply, 3-months supply, whatever. How much is that? Little kids don’t need as much as adults, so how do you figure that out? At (NOT to be confused with Providentliving.ORG, the LDS church website), there’s a nifty little calculator that helps you figure it out. Come to think of it, the church’s website has one also, but this one specifically asks how many in your family are children vs. adults.

So…all you do is enter the # of people you’re trying to build your food storage for, and how many weeks you’re trying to build. Say you’ve got one adult and one child in your family, and you’re trying to get a 12-week supply of food. Here’s basically what you’ll need:

-152 lbs grains (wheat, rice, oats, barley, corn, pasta, etc)
-23 lbs legumes (beans, lentils, nuts, etc)
-11 lbs dairy (powdered milk, powdered cheese, etc)
-23 lbs sugar (white/brown sugar, honey, molasses, etc)
-2 lbs leavening agents (yeast, baking powder, powdered eggs, etc)
-2 lbs salt (salt, bouillon powder, etc)
-11 lbs fats (oils, shortening, canned butter, etc)
-28 gallons water (at least 1 gallon of water per day per person)

WOW…better get working on it, eh?

Menu Monday – Eating from the pantry

I’ll be eating mostly from the pantry this week (with the exception of fresh produce), so, and saving the money in our grocery budget for something else….a couch!! (I cannot stand our old couches:-)) Here’s the couch I’m saving for:

Because I’m feeling SOO motivated to save up for that couch quickly, I have the drive I need to really stretch our food farther. So, here’s the plan for the week:

Monday – Chicken Enchiladas – Cheese ($1.50), chicken ($1.49), tortillas (homemade)($0.20), enchilada sauce ($0.89), cream of chicken (homemade)($0.25), and rice($0.25) and corn ($0.20) on the side. All from the pantry and/or freezer, total est. cost for 4 people: $4.78

Tuesday – Del Taco Night for DH’s birthday – 12 tacos ($4.00), 1 cake ($2.00 for mix, eggs, oil, frosting, etc) Total cost for 4 people: $6.00

Wednesday – Spaghetti and Breadsticks, leftover salad – Spaghetti noodles ($0.50), spaghetti sauce ($0.44 for half the jar), mozzarella cheese ($0.75 for 1/4 lb), breadsticks (homemade, $0.16 for 8). Total for 4 people $1.85

Thursday – Baked Potato Bar & Salad – 4 potatotes ($0.18), 6 strips bacon ($0.44), salsa (FREE – we canned it), sour cream ($0.38 for 1 cup), chili style ground beef (1/4 lb $0.30), bag of salad ($1.09), homemade ranch dressing ($0.40)Total for 4 people $2.79

Friday – Breakfast – Scrambled eggs ($0.36 for 4 eggs and milk added), bacon ($0.80 for 8 strips), Pancakes (from homemade “bisquick”, $1.19 for pancakes and syrup), hashbrowns (homemade, $0.18 for 4 potatoes, $0.03 for 1 Tbsp oil), fruit salad ($1.76) – Total for 4 people $4.32

Grocery shopping list for the week: sour cream, 2 kiwis, 1 mango, 1 banana bunch, 1 pkg strawberries

How’s YOUR Garden Coming? 1 comment

Everyone who knows me knows I’m a big fan of gardening. It’s one of the best ways to become self-reliant…I tried to build up my garden this year, and so far it’s growing well, albeit slowly. Or maybe I’m just too impatient?

This is our corn…we had only 3 plants last year that survived the summer hailstorm. This year we’ve got 12 plants growing. The plan: eat em all, freeze what we don’t eat fresh.

Some of our tomatoes are finally getting big enough to need cages. This year we planted 30 tomato plants. The plan: make salsa, spaghetti sauce, and almost raspberry jam (with the tomatoes that are still green at the end of the season)

We’re planning to do a fall crop of peas also, but in the meantime, we’ve planted double what we did last year. The plan is really just to eat these all fresh, because we’ve never had leftovers.

The strawberry patches are doing well. These we usually just eat before we can do anything with them as well.

Here are some other things we’re growing, and our plans for them:

Peppers – jalepeno and bell…hoping to use them in the salsa, although we’ve never had much luck with peppers for some reason. We’ll try them again!

Zucchini – planning to put some in with the spaghetti sauce, but also to make a TON of zucchini bread. We freeze it and my husband loves taking it to work as a snack.

Potatoes – the plan is pretty much to eat them as they come in

Raspberries – we usually eat these as they come in, but they’ve spread a lot this year and I’m hoping to be able to save some to freeze or can.

Apple trees – hoping to make some applesauce and apple syrup with what we get here.

Grapes – gonna make and can some grape juice concentrate. We got seeded grapes, although we’re positive we bought seedLESS! So we’re gonna pit them and juice them.

Blackberries – we’ll only get enough this year to eat them as they come in.

Carrots – hoping to be able to freeze or dry some this year. My carrots never grow big, so we’ll see…

Basil & Cilantro – we like to use this fresh to cook with. If we get a good crop, we’ll dry some.

What are YOU growing this year, and what are your plans for it? Please, share your ideas! As harvest time comes near, I’ll be posting different recipes using that harvest, so I hope you’re ready!