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Okay, so this is an obvious and easy one, and SO good! I love potatoes. When my husband saw a 20-lb bag of red potatoes on sale for $3.49, he bought 40 lbs worth. So…we’ve been eating a LOT of potatoes! Anywho, here’s the deal: 4-5 potatoes (red, baking, whatever kind you have)1 Tbsp olive or canola oil2 polish sausages (hot dog sized, equivalent to 1/4 lb)2 large carrotsPeel and slice potatoes. Heat oil in a skillet over medium-low heat. […]

Frugal Food – Potato Fry – (GF)

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You don’t have to be a tree hugger to go green. Going “green” is obviously good for the environment. It’s also really, REALLY good for your wallet. Consider these ideas:   -Plant a tree. If you want to save money while saving Mother Earth with your trees, then buy yourself a fruit tree. If you don’t have a lot of room, or don’t want a huge tree, get yourself a dwarf. You’ll be provided with fresh fruit year after year. […]

Earth Week – Saving Earth = Saving Money!

1. Eat all of your meals at home today. 2. Grow a garden…now’s the perfect time to start! 3. Use rags instead of paper towels. 4. Go to the library instead of the bookstore, or instead of the movie theater. 5. Cut dryer sheets in half. 6. Turn old bread into breadcrumbs. 7. Eat leftovers for lunch today. 8. Do all your errands at once, and save some gas. 9. Walk to school, church, or work. 10. Make a grocery […]

27 Ways to Save $$$ Now

In honor of my rice food storage post, I thought I’d share some recipes I found from Wooden Spoon for flavored rice mixes. How cool is this! You simply combine all ingredients and stir evenly until distributed. Each mix recipe can be mixed with 4 cups uncooked white rice. Store them in a cool, dry place, and use within 6-8 months. Sweet! Chicken-Tarragon Rice Mix4 Tbsp instant chicken bouillon2 tsp dried tarragon2 tsp dried parsley flakes1/4 tsp white pepper Lemon-Dill […]

Flavored Rice Mixes

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Okay, I’m gonna admit upfront that I cheated on this one. The salmon we used was salmon given to us by a neighbor, so it was free. I realize that fish is expensive. I promise I realize that! Please keep in mind though, that the whole point of this blog is to use EVERY resource available to you to be more frugal and self reliant! If someone goes fishing and offers you some leftover, TAKE IT! Always take it. Then […]

Dinner Under $10 – Fish, Potatoes, Salads