Monday’s Menu Planning

So, I’m trying to be better about planning my menus incorporating the food I already have in my pantry. Here’s the plan for the week:

*Monday – Leftovers from Grandma’s!
*Tuesday – Chicken enchilada soup
*Wednesday – Fried Potatoes with carrots and ham, corn, applesauce for dessert
*Thursday – Rice, baked salmon, salad, maybe sweet potato
*Friday – Pancakes, bacon, fruit salad
*Saturday – Leftover night:-)

–Confession: I rarely stick with the plan I make. I can almost guarantee that on Tuesday I won’t feel like soup, so I’ll have to switch a night. I do it on an almost daily basis. That’s why I have to plan the whole week, so I can mix and match. So lame.:-)

The only things we’ll have to buy from the store is the fresh produce. Thank heavens for food storage!

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