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My next financial class will deal with saving money at the store, on groceries and other things (I think). However, here’s an awesome link my mom shared with me, and I wanted to post it now. You know how there are tons of coupon matching websites that you can join to help you match the coupons with the sales? I’ve tried them, and most of them cost money. Not to mention the fact that a lot of them don’t have […]

Saving More $$ at the Store

This year has started off with a huge bang! SO much going on, I feel like I’ll never keep up, but I’ve managed to so far: 1. I started school again. I’m doing online classes this semester and probably will during summer semester too. I’ve been so nervous about my assignments and tests, but I’ve done well so far. My first two math tests got 100%! It’s amazing how well I can do when I CARE about the grades. Now […]

Frugal Living