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Munchkin-isms 1 comment

I’ve got the cutest girl in the world. Not bragging, just stating fact. Okay, I have one of the cutest girls in the world….that’s better, I suppose. Here are some of the reasons I think so:

The other day her dad asked her how he got blessed with such cute kids and she said “MOM!!” Like there was ever any question, right??

About 5 minutes ago she said, “Mom, I decided what I want to be when I grow up.” I said, “and what is that, honey?” Her reply: “I want to be a Canadian……Mom, what is a Canadian?”

She is ever-diligent about reminding me what I need to be doing. “Mom, you’ll be skinnier and healthier if you eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise more.”

She thinks when the Teletubbies bump their behinds together that it’s “inappropriate and disgusting”. I couldn’t agree more, dear.

Yesterday I released all the tension I’d had from the week by crying and napping. When I woke up I started to cry and she instantly came over and whispered to me, “Just lay your head on me mommy, I’ll rub your back.” She then proceeded to rub my back and smooth my hair. Then she lifted my head, kissed my cheek and said, “I love you. Everything will be okay.”